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I'm a web developer based in Helsinki, Finland. I enjoy reading about and writing software. I program mostly in JS, but enjoy trying new languages and concepts!

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Javascript Quick Tip: Web Notifications

16 May. 2020

Using Service Workers to Cache Content

07 Mar. 2020

A Brief Look at Javascript Proxies

01 Feb. 2020

5 Minute Neovim Tip: GitLens

28 Jan. 2020

Working with Libuv in Neovim

07 Jan. 2020

Lua and Neovim

16 Dec. 2019

BYOFF Part 2: Actions on Mount

01 Oct. 2019

BYOFF Part 1: Basic Components

15 Sept. 2019

Build Your Own Frontend Framework: Intro

09 Sept. 2019

Getting the Most Out of Vim: Navigating Code

25 Aug. 2019

Data Structure Memes For Edgy JavaScript Teens

20 Jun. 2019

Data visualization with ViiksetJS

02 Nov. 2018

Rxjs and Recompose

14 Jun. 2018