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trapped in the technologist factory

It’s true we can’t encode our values into general-purpose software,10 but we’re not simply atomized technologists, and our worlds are not bounded by the interfaces we expose. We share a collective responsibility for what we create, and are capable of collectively acting on that responsibility.

Two Kinds of Code Review

One goal of a review process is good code. Another goal of a review is good coders. The review is a perfect mentorship opportunity, it is a way to increase contributor’s TRM.

Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty

I didn’t go looking for grief this afternoon, but it found me anyway, and I have designers and programmers to thank for it.

The Problem with Threads

Threads are a seemingly straightforward adaptation of the dominant sequential model of computation to concurrent systems. Languages require little or no syntactic changes to sup-port threads, and operating systems and architectures have evolved to efficiently support them.Many technologists are pushing for increased use of multithreading in software in order to take advantage of the predicted increases in parallelism in computer architectures. In this paper, I argue that this is not a good idea.

A schoolman's guide to Marshall McLuhan

An introduction to Data Oriented Design with Rust - Statistically Insignificant

An introduction to Data Oriented Design with Rust An introduction to Data Oriented Design with Rust In the post we will investigate the main …

De Morgan's Laws

De Morgan’s laws are a pair of boolean algebra rules, if written in javascript-style boolean expressions, they look like this:

How JavaScript works: inside the V8 engine + 5 tips on how to write optimized code

Couple of weeks ago we started a series aimed at digging deeper into JavaScript and how it actually works: we thought that by knowing the…

Index 1,600,000,000 Keys with Automata and Rust - Andrew Gallant's Blog

I blog mostly about my own programming projects.

Introduction - Rust Design Patterns

A catalogue of Rust design patterns, anti-patterns and idioms