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I live in Helsinki, Finland, and I really like computers and writing software. I also love to read, take photos, and tinker with this website!

    slow loris, an endangered and beautiful creature
Taylor Thompson taylor@teukka.tech https://teukka.tech eternally curious person

Recent Updates

Blog Post

Build a Better Web with Service Workers

Make a better web experience with service workers.

Mar 7, 2020

Blog Post

A Brief Look at Javascript Proxies

Using JS proxies to create more declaritive APIs.

Feb 1, 2020

Blog Post

Neovim Tip, GitLens

Replicate the basic functionality VSCode's GitLens in 26 lines of lua

Jan 28, 2020

Blog Post

Using LibUV in Neovim

Learn how to use LibUV to create async vim actions

Jan 7, 2020

Blog Post

From init.vim to init.lua

Learn how to integrate lua into your vim configuration

Dec 16, 2019

Pictures from Central Europe, Fall 2019

Blog Post

Build Your Own Frontend Framework Part 2, Data Fetching

Set up 'on mount' actions

Oct 10, 2019

Blog Post

Build Your Own Frontend Framework Part 1

Setting up basic components in our framework

Sep 15, 2019

Blog Post

Build Your Own Frontend Framework, Introduction

Introduction to the frontend framework project

Sep 9, 2019

Blog Post

Vim does that already

Exploring some of the built in functionality of Vim you may not know exists

Aug 25, 2019