Welcome to build your own frontend framework project! I will be coding this live on my twitch stream. Blog posts will come after the streams.


    • Become more familiar with some of the concepts that power modern frontend frameworks.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of some of the challenges that arise in creating a JavaScript framework.
    • Get better at writing JavaScript.
    • See how different frameworks solve common problems.

    Non Goals

    • Build a production ready, competitive framework.
    • Build a clone of {insert_popular_framework_here}.
    • Cover all edge / business cases ( though we’ll try to cover most! ).


    I code when I have time / motivation. For the livestream, I don’t have a set format, and the focus area of the stream depends on what challenges I run into while coding. Blog posts will be more structured and focused since they will be written after the stream. They will also include supplimentary materials if necessary. After the project is complete, I hope to compile the blog posts to be more cohesive and structured.

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